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StaffMap 4 Available!

StaffMap 4 includes many new features and enhancements such as importing Desks and Assets, REST API, Import/Sync with Azure AD, SQL Server Database, Annotations, part-time desk assignment, Assets & Desks on Maps, Improved themes, etc. Click the 'More Info' button below to see a full list of improvements.


Interactive Office Floorplans

Track all of your employees, desks and assets on your company floorplans. Quickly locate any employee by typing in their name, extension, title, etc.

StaffMap runs in a standard browser on any device including mobile phones and tablets, allowing you to manage your floorplans from anywhere at any time.

Self Hosted or Cloud

We offer both a self hosted version and a cloud version. There advantages to both. See more below:



If you have your own onsite servers, or if your company has policies that requires software to run within your firewall, self hosted may be the best choice. 

The self hosted version provides direct integration with your active directory server where as the cloud version does not. If you want to be able to import or sync with active directory, self hosted may be the best choice. 

There is a one time cost for the self hosted version. New versions are released approx. every year and a half and upgrading is optional. 



Let us host your floor plans for you. Avoid the hassles of maintaining your own web server, applying service packs, and upgrading to new versions.

The cloud version does not provide integration with Active Directory, but if this isn't a requirement, the cloud version may be the best choice.

The cloud version is provided as a monthly subscription. It can be cancelled at any time. You can use your floorplan projects with the self hosted version if you ever decide to switch.


Easily locate employees on your company floorplans and Google maps. Learn more...


Locate and track assets on your floorplans and maps. Learn more...


Planning Employee Moves Has Never Been Easier. Learn more...


Quickly find and book an available desk matching your criteria. Learn more...


Easily find available meeting rooms matching your criteria. Learn more...


Track your employees, assets, offices & desks on Google maps. Learn more...


StaffMap 4 Just Released!

Managing your employees, desks and assets just got easier. Some of the new features include:

  • IMPORT/SYNC ASSETS - Assets such as printers, projectors, phones, etc. can now be imported and synced from .CSV files. If a floor name is included in the CSV file, the asset will be added to that floorplan.
  • IMPORT/SYNC DESKS - Desks, offices and meeting rooms can now be imported and synced from .CSV files. If a floor name is included in the CSV file, the desk will be added to that floorplan.
  • REST API - The new API allows administrators to programmatically get employee, desk, asset and booking records, add records, edit records & delete records. This allows your company to integrate with other applications.
  • ANNOTATION LAYERS - Administrators can now add annotations to floorplans. This could be used to make notes for upcoming moves, or as a layer to show things like emergency exits and/or fire extinguishers.
  • SQL SERVER - Companies now have a choice of database formats; SQL Server Compact Edition or the full version of SQL Server. This provides for easier access and better reporting.
  • AZURE AD - Import or sync employee records from Azure Active Directory. Select the columns to include. If a desk is included, the employee will be automatically assigned to that desk
  • PART-TIME DESKS - Employees can now book desks, offices or meeting rooms on a recurring weekly basis; For example an employee can book a desk every for Monday and Tuesday. When an employee search is performed, they will be found at the assigned desk.
  • ASSIGN TO MULTIPLE DESKS - Employees can now be assigned to multiple desks, either on a fulltime or part-time basis. For example an employee may be assigned fulltime to a desk in New York, and assigned part-time to desk in Chicago on Mondays and Tuesdays.
  • PARKING ASSIGNMENT - Employees can be assigned to a parking space on a fulltime basis, part-time basis, or only as needed. If for example an employee only comes into the office on Mondays, they can reserve a parking space for each Monday. 
  • DRAG ON MAP - Existing employees, desks and assets can now be quickly added or removed from a map. Map markers can be dragged to a specific location without having to enter a specific address or geolocation (latitude/longitude).
  • DESK BOOKING ON MAP - Desks can be added to maps. If the bookable attribute is enabled, employees can select the desk and book it. This works the same way that booking works on floorplans. 
  • AVAILABLE DESKS ON MAP - Similar to floorplans, the booking filter date range can be changed to show available/booked desks on a map. For example, you can show available desks today from 2:00-3:00 or show all booked desks for the next week. 
  • ASSIGN DESK ON MAP - Similar to floorplans, employees can be permanently assigned to desks on a map. Simply drag an employee onto a desk and they will be assigned. To unassign, drag them off the desk.
  • PANEL THEMES - Panels can now be styled at the project level or by floor. Themes define what fields are displayed on employee panels, desk panels and asset panels.
  • FASTER - Performance and scalability was a priority in this version of Staffmap. Load time, list performance, import/sync performance improved significantly.
  • EXPORT TO JPG - Floorplans can now be exported to Jpeg format. Select the floors to include and the image quality and then click 'Export to JPG'. A zip file will be generated containing the floorplan images.
  • EXPORT QUALITY - When printing floorplans, exporting to jpg, or exporting to pdf, the image quality can be selected. The higher the quality, the bigger the file.
  • USE MAPS WITHOUT KEY - Maps can be used in 'development mode' without having to enter a Google Maps Key. If a key is not entered, the watermark 'For development purposes only' will be displayed.
  • STYLE PANELS BY TYPE - Assets and desks can now be styled by type, category or any other field value. To easily identify asset types, you could for example, show lawyer phones with a green background and secretary phones with an orange background.
  • CUSTOM MOBILE TABS - On small screens, the employee tab, asset tab, desk tab and booking tab can be styled and customized to display specific information. By default, the employee tab displays employee picture & name, but could also display phone number and email address.
  • FLOORPLAN SCALE - Floorplan scale can now be adjusted by moving a horizontal dial. Unlike Staffmap 3, panels now remain at the same coordinates & only the panel size increases or decreases.
  • FLOORPLAN SIZE RULES - When adding floorplans to a project, warning messages will appear if the floorplan dimensions or the floorplan file size are too large. Often a floorplan file size can be significantly decreased, often as low as 10% of the original size.
  • FORM TABS - In order to conserve screen space, forms such as the employee form, are automatically minimized and displayed as a tab along the left side of the screen. When a form is closed, the last minimized form is redisplayed.
  • PANEL PIC ALIGNMENT - Picture alignment can now be changed on asset panels. Asset pictures can be displayed above the text, to the left, to the right, or below the text. 
  • ASSIGNED ASSETS - A list of the assets that are assigned to an employee is now displayed at the bottom of the employee form. An asset can be assigned to an employee from the asset form in edit mode.
  • CUSTOM PROJECT HEADING - A custom project heading can now be displayed to the left of the search box. This can include HTML which allows styling, positioning, and image elements.
  • FORCE SIDE MENU - The side menu can be forced to open and stay open when a project is loaded. The menu is still automatically hidden when viewed on a mobile device.
  • DEFAULT VALUES - The asset form, desk form, move form & and booking form now allow default values to be defined, which are automatically populated when adding new records.
  • CUSTOM URL - A custom redirect URL can now be defined for assets and desks. When a custom URL is specified, the browser will redirect to the URL when the desk or asset is clicked on the map or floorplan.
  • FIELD ALIAS - Field label aliases can be defined for desk, asset & employee fields which will display a custom label in live mode or edit mode. The alias can include HTML.

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