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Staffmap 3

Map Your Employees, Meeting Rooms, Desks & Assets


Dynamic Office Floorplans

Track all of your employees, desks and assets on your company floorplans. Quickly locate any employee by typing in their name, extension, title, etc.

Staffmap runs in a standard browser on any device including mobile phones and tablets, allowing you to manage your floorplans from anywhere at any time.


Move Management

Staffmap is the perfect solution for managing your employee moves and changes. Administrators can create move scenarios and then choose the best one. 

Employees can also select a desk on the floorplan and request to move to it. Administrators can choose to approve the request or deny it. Email notifications can alert managers when a move is requested.  


Desk & Room Booking

Use Staffmap to schedule all of your bookable desks and meeting rooms. 

Employees that are not assigned a permanent desk, can easily book an available desk as needed. Desks can be booked for an hour, a day, or any other length of time.
The desk booking form and meeting booking form are fully customizable allowing administrators to add fields such as 'coffee required', "# attending', 'meeting description', etc.


Find Everything

The powerful quick search function allows anyone to quickly locate employees, available desks, booked desks, printers, assets, etc. Matches are found based on the name as well as field values such as department, position, extension, etc.

To find an available desk or meeting room, enter criteria separated by commas. eg: 'mee,window,seats>4' will find all meeting rooms with more than 4 seats and windows.


Self Hosted or Cloud

We offer both a self hosted version and a cloud version. There advantages to both. See more below:



If you have your own onsite servers, or if your company has policies that requires software to run within your firewall, self hosted may be the best choice. 

The self hosted version provides direct integration with your active directory server where as the cloud version does not. If you want to be able to import or sync with active directory, self hosted may be the best choice. 

There is a one time cost for the self hosted version. New versions are released approx. every year and a half and upgrading is optional. 



Let us host your floor plans for you. Avoid the hassles of maintaining your own web server, applying service packs, and upgrading to new versions.

The cloud version does not provide integration with Active Directory, but if this isn't a requirement, the cloud version may be the best choice.

The cloud version is provided as a monthly subscription. It can be cancelled at any time. You can use your floorplan projects with the self hosted version if you ever decide to switch.

Staffmap 3 Just Released!

Managing your employees, desks and assets just got easier. Some of the new features include:

  • LAYERS - Layers include employees, bookable desks, assigned desks, and assets. Create your own custom layers to display just printers, just phones, or just employees in the accounting department. See a Demo.
  • ASSET TYPES - Staffmap now manages assets. Assets can be assigned a type such as printer, phone, projector, etc. Different fields are displayed depending on the asset type. See a Demo.
  • DESK DETAILS - Display desk information such as phone, window, computer. The quick search uses this information when searching for an available desk to book. The desk detail form is fully customizable. See a Demo.
  • SEARCH EVERYTHING - Previously, the quick search only matched on employee first and last name. The quick search now searches all employee, desk, asset and booking fields. See a Demo.
  • SVG VECTOR FLOORPLANS - The SVG format displays your floorplans in the best possible quality. The tool that was used to create your floorplans may save in SVG format, or use an online converter such as Convertio or Online-Convert. See a Demo.
  • MOVE REQUESTS - Employees can now select a desk on the floorplan and request to move to it. Administrators can choose to approve the request or deny it. The move request form is fully customizable. See a Demo.
  • MEETING ROOM BOOKING - Staffmap can now manage and book meeting rooms. Track details about each room such as seating capacity and equipment. Staff can use the quick search to find available rooms based on requirements. See a Demo.
  • ICALENDARS - Employees can share their calendar showing desk bookings, or your company can share a calendar showing upcoming meetings. Supported calendars include Google Calendar, Outlook Calendar, iPhone Calendar and Yahoo Calendar. See a Demo.
  • ACTIVITY LOG - The activity log tracks events such as added employees, added desks, added assets, move requests, new bookings, etc. Administrators can choose to record all events or just specific events.
  • EMAIL NOTIFICATION - Administrators can be notified when specific events occur such as move requests, new bookings, employees moved, desks moved, employee form customized, or any other event that is recorded in the activity log. 
  • BOOKABLE DESKS - Desks and meeting rooms can be defined as bookable or not bookable. A desk or meeting room marked as not bookable will not be listed when a user searches for available desks.
  • ASSIGN ASSET - Assets such as phones, computers and printers can be assigned to employees. The asset detail form shows who the asset is assigned to. Asset reports also display which asset is assigned to who. See a Demo.
  • MAP POSITIONS - You can now add multiple maps at different locations, with different zoom levels and map types. Companies may have separate maps of Germany, Australia and Canada showing remote employees. See a Demo.
  • URL PARAMETERS - The ability to pass parameters to display specific information has improved. This makes it easier to embed Staffmap in your Intranet, website or Sharepoint. New parameters include: search, desk, asset and username. See a Demo.
  • REPORTS TO CSV & PDF - Any report can now be exported to either CSV format or PDF format. This includes both admin reports and user reports. An employee report that is exported to CSV could be used to import into another application. See a Demo.

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