Staffmap Demos

Make a [staffmap] project

Create Test Project

Instantly make a fully-functional project in StaffMap without having to install the 30 day trial.

Launch Test Server
Example [staffmap] project

Employee Floor Plan

Explore a fully functional, multi-floor StaffMap Project in a large company with remote staff.

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Try the world map in [staffmap].

Remote Staff

StaffMap can be used as a way to keep track of the location and details of remote employees.

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Try a Parking Lot demo in [staffmap]

Parking Lot

Use StaffMap to create a reservable parking lot map for clients, customers, or employees.

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Try a Locker Room demo in [staffmap]

Locker Room

Allow visitors or staff to book lockers in the facility by time and day with StaffMap.

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See a Convention Floorplan in [staffmap]

Convention Floor Plan

Use StaffMap with a building floor plan or blueprint to organize and distribute event maps.

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Try a Server Rack Demo in [staffmap]

Server Room

See how StaffMap can be used to track company computer equipment details and location.

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Download 30-day Trial

Download and install the trial version of [staffmap]. Try out the software for 30 days before buying. After purchasing, you'll be able to enter the activation key into the existing installation to activate it.

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