Dynamic Office Floorplans

StaffMap is the best tool to manage employees on your company floorplans, and provide a quick way for your staff to locate others within the office. External employees or visitors can book shared desks easily and quickly from anywhere using any device.


Cloud Version Released

Let us host your floor plans for you. Avoid the hassles of maintaining your own web server, applying service packs, and upgrading to new versions. Allow your staff to create, maintain, and view floor plans from anywhere using a standard web browser.

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After creating an account, you'll have up to 30 days to try out the service before you need to activate your project. No credit card information is required up-front. To get started, sign up at StaffMap.net

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Interactive Floorplans

Allow your employees to quickly locate other employee and view details such as extension, position, etc. View and manage your company floorplans from anywhere using any device.


Book Shared Desks

Allow your staff to book shared desks from anywhere at any time, using any device. Hot-desking has become a popular office organization system which involves desks being shared by multiple employees such as remote workers and shift workers, as opposed to each staff member having their own personal desk.


Cost Reduction & Efficiency

A primary motivation for hot-desking is cost reduction by paying only for the space you use. Many major companies have also implemented hot-desking in order to promote greater efficiency and teamwork.

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